Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Types Of Wooden Jewelry Boxes Which Are Ideal For Gifting

Why wooden jewelry boxes are superior choice?

If you are an avid collector of jewelry and other precious items like stones, crystals and beads then wooden boxes are the ideal option for storage. It will definitely protect your precious jewelry items from wear and tear. Wooden ethnic crafted jewelry boxes make wonderful family heirlooms which can be used as a past on to future generations. As the time passes away, your jewelry storage box become an antique piece in your home that is quite valuable in future time. 

There are many types of wood used in making stunning jewelry boxes that go vibrant with your extensive collection. Most of these boxes are equipped with interior lining of satin, suede, or velvet so you know you are giving your precious items a better protection and beautiful storage. Often, wood types with excellent finishing are being used to craft prolific boxes that exude an unbeatable elegance and charm. Some ideal wood types are mahogany, maple, cherry, walnut and birch that exhibits stunning look after deigning and staining. 

Wooden boxes with enormous designs and patterns would make a fantastic gift for yourself or someone special.  It has always been a superior choice for gifting and keeping your ornaments safe for a long life. Here are some astonishing varieties of wooden jewelry boxes that you can select for a present- 

Peace equals harmony with nature, wooden box- This is an enticing type of wooden jewelry box that possess sculpted face of harmony and peace. This sculpted box is lined with velvet so that your jewelry remains safe for long time. This jewelry box inspires you about the peace and harmony with nature.

Agate and cedar jewelry box- This kind of little jewelry boxes are extremely suitable for keeping precious stones and small jewelry items safe. It is crafted from cedar, with agate (an impure form of quartz) set into the top surface. 

Shisham wooden box- It is made up with shisham wood with the presence of ‘flower of life’ on the front surface. This wooden box enthralls motivational spirits and best for placing your jewelry safe.

Carved wooden box with own collection- This is also an adorable wooden case which protects your jewelry from scratches. It constitutes an inspirational design that delivers an individual look at your wardrobe. Carved wise owl box boasts tree on its top surface that reflects peacefulness. 

Wooden chest two doors, carved wood chest alter two drawers are some special kind of wooden boxes available in the market. You can select the box type according to the amount of your jewelry collections.   For more prolific designs, you can explore over the web and find out your favorite one that enhances your wardrobe and keep your jewelry safe from wear and tears. 
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Top 7 Fashion Trends You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe Right Now

There are a lot of different fashion trends in the year 2013 that can help you make a fashion statement. Below you'll find a list of the top 7 trends of this year that you should definitely consider adding to your fashion arsenal.

Black and White

From black and white pants to tuxedo tops, black and white is definitely in. Add a colorful accessory to it and you'll give your black and white outfit a nice pop of color.

Floral Print

Floral print is definitely in right now. In just about any retail store you can find different floral shirts, pants, and shoes. Since winter is fast approaching now, it  is a good time to get some great looking floral print pieces. So when spring and summer comes back around you're all set.


Fur as well as faux fur are very popular items. Anything from faux or fur vests, leggings, and especially coats are the trend right now. Right now is a good time to invest in some good faux fur coats as winter is right around the corner.

Bright Colors

Right now, bright colors like neon pink or bright red are definitely very popular . Most women want to wear bright neon shoes or a bright colored purse to make a statement with their wardrobe and stand out from the rest. So if you're trying to make a statement with your outfit this bright colored trend is definitely something you should implement.


Stripes are definitely in style right now, especially bold stripes. The most popular stripes are horizontal, vertical, and multi-directional stripes. Since this trend is so popular right now is that you'll find stripes on jackets, tops, pants, and even bags. You can actually implement this trend with the black and white trend. Play around with different stripe patterns and colors and find what works best with your figure.

Sparkling Accessories

Accessories that have a little sparkle to it is very popular right now. Women love sparkly accessories, which is why this trend is so popular. Take advantage of this trend by adding a little glitz and glam to your outfit.


Heels or flats that have studs in style right now. Not only shoes, but clothes and jewelry have studs or spikes on them to give them more of an edge.

These are some of the best trends of this year. Give them all a try and see which one best fits with your style.

John is a fashion expert with more than ten years experience. For more great fashion trends check out Gipsy Dharma.
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Friday, 27 September 2013

What to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Since long, skinny jeans have been the popular denim apparel among girls and women of all age groups and all body types. At first, they were considered a fad but skinny jeans are here to stay for long. These are a kind of snug jeans which fit tightly along the complete length of the legs starting from the hips down to the ankle.

Skinny jeans are much in fashion, so it becomes important for the ladies to keep themselves updated about the latest trends and know what they should wear with it. Choosing the most flattering clothing and accessories to team up with skinny jeans is necessary to look your best. Here are some tips which will help you know what suits best with skinny jeans. 

Wear Right Clothing

1. Keep It Skinny

· Skinny jeans provide a slim appearance along the legs so it is recommended that the upper body clothing should also be form-fitted instead than baggy. 

· Wearing a simple long- or short-sleeved cotton T-shirt with skinny jeans 

· If you are wearing a jacket, then select a tailored & fitted jacket and not a bulky one.

· A vest coat over a shirt is also a good option for skinny jeans.

2. Flowing Shirts

Wear long and flowing blouse with the skinny jeans to look trendy. Blouses in peasant style or with an empire waistline present an elegant look as they balance out the tight fitting of the skinny jeans.

3. Under-Dresses

· Layering the skinny jeans under skirts or dresses is also an innovative & popular way to wear skinny jeans. 
· A flirty mini skirt or short flounce dress is the perfect combination for form-fitting skinny jeans. 

· Pair them up with high heels for a fun ensemble.

Wear Right Shoes

Skinny jeans go well with almost any pair of shoes, as long as the person carries it with utmost grace. Below given are some shoes you can try:
1. Tall boots: Skinny jeans look fabulous when tucked into a pair of tall boots, no matter the boots are tight or looser. In case, if the jeans cut are above the ankle then you can wear them with shorter boots to get a blood look.

2. Flats: Flats are the most appropriate footwear to be worn with any pair of skinny jeans. For getting a fun look you can go for bright or patterned flats or else stick to dark solid colors for the dressy look. Flats can either be pointy or can have a round toe; both will go well with the jeans.

3. Sandals: With skinny jeans you should wear open-toed sandals and show off your toes to get a fabulous and trendy look.

4. Heels: Skinny jeans provide a slender look to the legs and elongate the body, so pairing heels with them will make the body look even longer and much trim.

Wear the right Accessories

Skinny jeans are fun to wear and we can play them up with almost every type of accessory. Choosing the right accessories is important to tie the outfit together and making your skinny jeans pop. Here are some tips you can try: 

· Balance the look of skinny jeans by wearing a thicker scarf.
· You can also wear a long dangly neckpiece over a tight-fitted shirt.
· To mirror the skinny jeans team them up with long gold or silver sparkly earrings.
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Best Office Outfits To Wear This Summer

Summer is the time of the year when the temperature is rising high and everyone wishes the clothes to get lighter and lesser on the body. With the spike in the day temperature, it is important to think about your office outfits before overhauling your wardrobe. Appropriate outfits that are in accordance with the offical dress code should be chosen wisely by both men and women.

Office outfits for women

Due to the hot and humid weather you tend to choose short and light clothes but you should make sure that it’s not revealing and inappropriate for coprorate environment. Some of the best outfits for women this summer can be:
  • Skirts and shirts, tops
Casual skirts,that are below the knee are acceptable attire for the office. You can wear light coloured shirts and tops that help to reflect heat and goes along with the skirt. This can prove to be an elegant combination of outfits that can enhance you personality.

  • Dresses and tops
One of the important summer questions in any office regarding dresses is, sleeveless or not? Make sure that it is appropriate in your office to wear sleeveless before you bare your arms. Remember to use modest pattern, they give a classy look.
  • Light floral suits and jackets
This summer floral are on trend and work perfectly for the office. Floral suits can give you a vibrant look and are in fashion. Jackets always doesn’t mean something warm and heavy, a light jacket can be used where the office are boosted by AC.

Office outfits for men

As the summer kicks into full swing men are tucking away there suits and opting for lighter clothes. Some of the best summer outfits for men can be as bellows.
  • Light-coloured shirts and pants

It summer and you better stay away from colours like black, navy and grey. Try to wear light shades of blue, white and taupe. Opt for those pants which are made from natural fibres and light in colours. Shirt with the short sleeves are on the rise recently this summer.

  • Cotton Suits
A cotton suit is certainly something you’ll want to ponder working into your office wear. Cotton suits have really progressed over recent years and are available in varieties. They have always proved to be friendly with the body by the comfort they provide.

  • Linen blend with a silk shirt
Linen blend attires are much lighter and airier for summer. They are better than going for the full cotton or wool fabrics and yet neglect the appearances of wrinkles and creases, especially with dark colours. Silk shirts are better choice with the mercury rising high and to your happiness, they are considered to be luxurious!

In summer, it is always important to avoid the heat and to maintain the professional look in the workplace while checking the suitability of the dress you wear to your office. Sometimes, managing summers with proper yet trendy office outfits becomes a challenge for style consultants too, but you should never drop the idea of consulting to your personal online shopper before you shop for summer corporate look. Your outfit reflex who you are and help to form an impression in the office. Your attire should be fashionable but should not fail to meet the office etiquettes at the same time.
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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Feel Relaxed And Comfortable With The Luxury Loungewear

luxury dressing gowns

A lot of men and women adore Loungewear as it is comfortable. At the present time, it comes with a wide variety of stylish designs and sizes. Basically, this attire consists of fitted tees and camisoles, drawstring pants, nightgowns, pajamas and tap pants. However, it is also available in other designs. It is a kind of apparel that can be worn in any casual junctures like yoga class, gym, park, parties, beaches and in various informal functions. Due to this reason, men and women go for this wardrobe as it is comfortable and trendy. This type of attire brings a unique style in every situation. The nightgowns and pajamas are ideal for sleeping. On the other hand, drawstring pants can be worn on the beach.

dressing gowns for women
Suiting your lifestyle

A lot of people want to wear something that is relaxing after going to their home from the office. At the same time, the clothes that you will wear should be comfortable and stylish. It is due to the fact that there can be some unexpected situations where you may have to visit a shop, or someone visits your house. Due to these reasons, Loungewear is gaining popularity to a large extent. It is made from the luxury materials that can make you feel pampered and relaxed at your home. You need to do a thorough research in order to find the best styles that will suit your figure and fashion sense. It is available in a variety of striking colors that will make you feel attractive, confident and relaxed.

Benefits of online shopping

Due to the hectic schedule, you may not get the time to purchase your favorite Loungewear. The internet is the best medium with the help of which you can buy the clothes at the comfort of your home. The online shopping is considered as the ideal way of finding the extensive range of options. You will also get the opportunity of shopping from across the world from the online shopping. Simultaneously, you can also save a substantial amount of time and money. It is a main reason due to which many people choose to but clothes online. The cost of the designer wardrobes is quite reasonable in the various online stores because they do not bear the inventory and showroom costs. Hence, the clothes are provided at an affordable price.

ladies pyjamas
The growth and popularity of Loungewear will continue. As a result, many reputed brands are offering the loungewear ranges. You need to be careful in selecting a specific brand that provides a range of styles. The brands also offer the necessary tips, through which you can work on your styles as per the occasion or event. It is advised to select the colors and fabrics that will be well-suited for a relaxed and stylish living. The loungewear is also suited for those people, who are undeniably seductive and sexy. When you wear this wardrobe, your partner will certainly feel fascinated with your easy-going and sensual vibe. Choose the bright colors to put emphasis on your personality.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Make your career in Fashion Consultancy!!!

Fashion lover???
Make your career in Fashion Consultancy!!!

personal fashion stylist
Before we tell you how to become a fashion consultant, you need to know what a fashion consultant does. A fashion consultant is a personal image consultant who specializes in wardrobe and makeup improvement. These professionals typically help clients make clothing style choices appropriate to a variety of social situations, including personal and business settings. Some of the typical activities and tasks a fashion and wardrobe consultant is responsible for include:
  • Performing a color analysis;
  • Organizing the client's closet;
  • Providing samples or ideas for new outfits;
  • Doing fittings;
  • Hosting a seminar or private event to educate clients about wardrobe, color and accessories;
  • Demonstrating the latest trends and styles;
  • Giving advice on hair style, makeup and grooming techniques.
online personal shopper
They offer expertise on more than just clothing, they often help clients to choose jewellery  facial hair grooming, and eye wear choices as well. Some may also emphasize a comprehensive fashiondesign, or overall style, for their clients. A Fashion consultant has to perform multi tasking.

Although there are no strict education requirements for starting a fashion consulting career, a good understanding of fashion and style is usually necessary. But if you are in the initial stage of your education, you can go for fashion degree from recognized institutes. There are number of programs like wardrobe and style analysis, color Analysis, personal Shopping, etc. Before you go in the real competitive world, volunteer your services for friends and family. Become part of a local business organization that allows you to meet people with disposable income that can use your services. These professionals may refer people to you after you build relationships. Once you start to get referrals, you may consider working full-time. Try to offer products that allow clients to use your services on a regular basis, rather than a single time.

clothes stylist
Fashion consultants are required at number of places. Some retail stores, for example, hire fashion consultants to assist customers in choosing their garments. A new fashion consultant might also be able to secure employment in an established image consulting firm. After know – how of the industry one can open his or her boutique as well. In this web age, a Consultant needs to make his/her web presence.
In general, salaries of fashion consultants will vary greatly, especially from one area to another and from one person to another. Typically, fashion consultants in more populated regions, like big cities, will make more money than fashion consultants in less populated areas.

Top ten fashion designing colleges in India[1]:
National Institute of Fashion Technology

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
2. Vogue Institute of FashionTechnology, Bangalore

Pearl Academy of Fashion

School of Fashion Technology

National Institute of Design

International Institute of Fashion Design

Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology

J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology

Apeejay Institute of Design

10. Apeejay Institute of Design, Delhi