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Make your career in Fashion Consultancy!!!


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Fashion lover???
Make your career in Fashion Consultancy!!!

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Before we tell you how to become a fashion consultant, you need to know what a fashion consultant does. A fashion consultant is a personal image consultant who specializes in wardrobe and makeup improvement. These professionals typically help clients make clothing style choices appropriate to a variety of social situations, including personal and business settings. Some of the typical activities and tasks a fashion and wardrobe consultant is responsible for include:
  • Performing a color analysis;
  • Organizing the client's closet;
  • Providing samples or ideas for new outfits;
  • Doing fittings;
  • Hosting a seminar or private event to educate clients about wardrobe, color and accessories;
  • Demonstrating the latest trends and styles;
  • Giving advice on hair style, makeup and grooming techniques.
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They offer expertise on more than just clothing, they often help clients to choose jewellery  facial hair grooming, and eye wear choices as well. Some may also emphasize a comprehensive fashiondesign, or overall style, for their clients. A Fashion consultant has to perform multi tasking.

Although there are no strict education requirements for starting a fashion consulting career, a good understanding of fashion and style is usually necessary. But if you are in the initial stage of your education, you can go for fashion degree from recognized institutes. There are number of programs like wardrobe and style analysis, color Analysis, personal Shopping, etc. Before you go in the real competitive world, volunteer your services for friends and family. Become part of a local business organization that allows you to meet people with disposable income that can use your services. These professionals may refer people to you after you build relationships. Once you start to get referrals, you may consider working full-time. Try to offer products that allow clients to use your services on a regular basis, rather than a single time.

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Fashion consultants are required at number of places. Some retail stores, for example, hire fashion consultants to assist customers in choosing their garments. A new fashion consultant might also be able to secure employment in an established image consulting firm. After know – how of the industry one can open his or her boutique as well. In this web age, a Consultant needs to make his/her web presence.
In general, salaries of fashion consultants will vary greatly, especially from one area to another and from one person to another. Typically, fashion consultants in more populated regions, like big cities, will make more money than fashion consultants in less populated areas.

Top ten fashion designing colleges in India[1]:
National Institute of Fashion Technology

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
2. Vogue Institute of FashionTechnology, Bangalore

Pearl Academy of Fashion

School of Fashion Technology

National Institute of Design

International Institute of Fashion Design

Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology

J.D. Institute of Fashion Technology

Apeejay Institute of Design

10. Apeejay Institute of Design, Delhi


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