Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Types Of Wooden Jewelry Boxes Which Are Ideal For Gifting


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Why wooden jewelry boxes are superior choice?

If you are an avid collector of jewelry and other precious items like stones, crystals and beads then wooden boxes are the ideal option for storage. It will definitely protect your precious jewelry items from wear and tear. Wooden ethnic crafted jewelry boxes make wonderful family heirlooms which can be used as a past on to future generations. As the time passes away, your jewelry storage box become an antique piece in your home that is quite valuable in future time. 

There are many types of wood used in making stunning jewelry boxes that go vibrant with your extensive collection. Most of these boxes are equipped with interior lining of satin, suede, or velvet so you know you are giving your precious items a better protection and beautiful storage. Often, wood types with excellent finishing are being used to craft prolific boxes that exude an unbeatable elegance and charm. Some ideal wood types are mahogany, maple, cherry, walnut and birch that exhibits stunning look after deigning and staining. 

Wooden boxes with enormous designs and patterns would make a fantastic gift for yourself or someone special.  It has always been a superior choice for gifting and keeping your ornaments safe for a long life. Here are some astonishing varieties of wooden jewelry boxes that you can select for a present- 

Peace equals harmony with nature, wooden box- This is an enticing type of wooden jewelry box that possess sculpted face of harmony and peace. This sculpted box is lined with velvet so that your jewelry remains safe for long time. This jewelry box inspires you about the peace and harmony with nature.

Agate and cedar jewelry box- This kind of little jewelry boxes are extremely suitable for keeping precious stones and small jewelry items safe. It is crafted from cedar, with agate (an impure form of quartz) set into the top surface. 

Shisham wooden box- It is made up with shisham wood with the presence of ‘flower of life’ on the front surface. This wooden box enthralls motivational spirits and best for placing your jewelry safe.

Carved wooden box with own collection- This is also an adorable wooden case which protects your jewelry from scratches. It constitutes an inspirational design that delivers an individual look at your wardrobe. Carved wise owl box boasts tree on its top surface that reflects peacefulness. 

Wooden chest two doors, carved wood chest alter two drawers are some special kind of wooden boxes available in the market. You can select the box type according to the amount of your jewelry collections.   For more prolific designs, you can explore over the web and find out your favorite one that enhances your wardrobe and keep your jewelry safe from wear and tears. 


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